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Spine Assessment

spine-assessment-chicago-northshore-1Where do we meet?


Answer: We will come to your home or office or schedule a studio for an additional fee.


Why do we highly recommend a doctor’s assessment before taking Yoga for lower back care?


Answer: We as yoga teachers always recommend you discuss any pain with your doctor before entering any exercise program. If you are experiencing severe back pain, you and your doctor can discuss if you need to get any diagnostics exams. Yogashero back care services are geared towards addressing minor back pressure and/or pain through a series of asana poses and stretches. All the poses are proven to ease pressure on your lower back when practiced on a daily basis. We will get there together one pose at a time.


What if I am in pain?


Answer: The pain needs to be addressed first and in a very individual way, especially if you have herniated disk, or other diagnosis.  I may recommend working privately for several sessions to address the pain.  It is difficult to come to class in a high level of pain, as you may not be able to practice the poses without the pain being aggravated.  It is important to address and relieve the pain first in specific ways.  We will need to address your breath and more, specific to your type and location of pain.  On a scale of 1 – 10 (10 being greatest pain), if your level of pain is below 3, you may be able to come to a class.  The pain will distract you from working the pose in some cases so working privately we can set up a sequence with therapeutic poses to lower the pain and/or alleviate it.


How long and how much is a private back care class?


Answer: Private classes are $75-$125 per hour. For one private, you will be charged $125. The more private classes you purchase the less expensive the rate.


No of Class(es)              Private Class Costs

1 Private                              $125

3 Privates                            $260

10 Privates                         $750