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yogashero chicago back pain yoga

Inspiring and pragmatic, Dena combines her heartfelt knowledge of the yoga ancient practices with her experiences as spine surgery survivor, yoga teacher, family woman and athlete. Yoga with pranayama breathing has been proven to have a transformative positive impact on the human body—better blood pressure, improved spine-hip flexibility, bone-muscle strength and an overall mind calming effect.


Problem: Over 80% of all Americans experience some form of back or knee pain in their lifetime.


Yogashero Solution: Offer customized Better Back Care yoga privates to relieve the back pain and allow the back to strengthen with key stretches over time.

Yogashero services offer two primary types of yoga that are good for athletes or recovering back patients:

1.  Better Yoga Care Series – private yoga appointments that create a sequence of stretches that are best suited for your body. This therapeutic approach supports poses that are accessible to your own body and works up to more challenging stretches as time progresses. It is a step by step process. A Knee Care program can be created for you as well. Recommend 3-Series to start.

2.  Gentle Flow Classes – group classes are offered by North Shore Yoga based in Northfield, Illinois. This all-level hatha yoga class is designed for those desiring or in need of a gentler approach to yoga. Enjoy this healthy exploration of yoga that will strengthen the body, breath and mind. This class reduces general inflammation, minimize pain and cultivate contentment and peace. Check the weekly listing for day and times.