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What are the top three poses for pregnant women?

My Top Recommended Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women

Right now, Ciara, Beyonce and Yoga Girl are all expecting. Maybe, you are or know someone who is pregnant? Being pregnant can create a little havoc on the daily routine. First, your lower belly likes to expand daily in ways it’s never experienced before now. Second, your hormones will make a metabolic shift to increase the crazy cravings for everything from ice cream to pickles. Thus, you will realize you will still have to eat, think and move so you might as well do those things to increase your overall well being. And, love yourself like nobody else’s business.

Here are the TOP three poses that will support you the most during your pregnancy. Place your back onto a wall for poses 2 and 3 listed here for even more support as your continue your yoga practice.

  1. Bhavadvaja’s Twist – it is a seated twist. Start in seated position. Then, windmill both feet towards the left. Root down on the sit bones. Place right foot into lotus by lifting the right foot onto left hip crease. Take an inhale and try to root down evenly on both sit bones. Slowly, rotate the upper torso towards the right on the exhale. Place the right hand just beyond the right sit bone and place the left hand onto the right thigh if it’s accessible to you today. http://www.yogajournal.com/pose/bharadvaja-s-twist/


  1. Extended Triangle Pose – it is triangle lateral pose. Start in front heel lunged forward along the midline to back arch or the opposite at a 45 degree angle. Lift the chest and extend both arms along the midline in to Warrior 2 pose. Pull the back hip back and swing the torso downward until your hand reaches a block or your ankle level. Extend the opposite arm towards the sky. "triangle-pregant-pose"
  2. Half Moon Pose – it’s an extended lift of the leg pose. Place your back onto the wall. Lunge one foot forward along the midline to back arch with the opposite foot at a 45 degree angle. Lift the chest and extend both arms along the midline in to warrior two pose. Lift back leg high off the mat and pull the upper torso down. Extend both arm vertically into what feels like a straight vertical line. Lift the chest forward. Place your lower hand onto a block for added support."half-moon-pregnant-mom"

So, for the Moms-To-Be, enjoy your blissful time expecting your little baby miracle. Hope this helps you with your yoga journey with peace and love in mind on a daily basis.


Dena Dodd Perry 500-CYT/MBA

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