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Love You Latte! What is the caffeine difference in coffee versus tea?


Caffeine in coffee versus tea

Love you latte! Right? Have you ever wondered what is the difference between the caffeine found in coffee versus tea? I’ve always wondered about these daily coffee vs. tea lifestyle habits. Everyone I know, drinks one or the other.

Well, the answer is not so cut and dry. The actual content of a cup of coffee or tea can vary considerably because of factors such as origin, processing and preparation method, including brewing time. Here is an example based on the data from the Mayo Clinic

Here is the caffiene breakdown. Coffee drinks that are brewed as 8 ounces contain about 95-165 milligrams of caffeine. Decaffeinated coffee drinks as 8 ounces contain about 2-5 milligrams of caffeine. Teas that are brewed black as 8 ounces contain about 25-48 milligrams of caffeine. Teas that are brewed green as 8 ounces contain about 25-29 milligrams of caffeine. Specifically, white tea has less caffeine. If you are experiencing headaches or a jittery reaction to caffeine, just consider scaling back your consumption. Always talk to your doctor if the issue stays persistent. 

Research Shows Both Coffee and Tea Can Be Good For You In Different Ways

Tea and coffee both have a different polyphenol chemical makeup which produce varying health benefits in some studies. White tea has been found to have a higher concentration of antioxidants which may be more effective in preventing some diseases. By contrast, people who drink more coffee appear to have fewer symptoms from Alzheimer’s. To get the full benefits, both tea and coffee are recommended to be organic. Over 1000 chemicals have been found in roasted coffee with 19 being known carcinogens. Infographic lays it out in an easily consumable format


Tea has the following benefits:

  • Helps to present development of Type 1 Diabetes or slow its progression
  • Contains fluoride which protects the teeth
  • Can lower stress and protect against heart disease and some cancers.

Coffee has the following benefits:

  • Helps to prevent Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Improves short term recall in the elderly.
  • Protects the liver against cirrhosis.

My recommendation is to drink whatever makes you feel good of these two options and do your best to buy it organic! Love you! Enjoy! If you have more questions, you can email me 

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