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How to prepare for yoga class…


3 Ways to Stay Prepared With Your Yogashero Bag

There once was a yoga teacher who loved the look of distinctive designer bags. This same yoga teacher also didn’t enjoy the feeling of having her water bottle just out there waiting to tip over, or double checking for her keys and wallet, or looking too slouchy and having to switch bags before meetings. She had a spark of an idea and thought, “Maybe I could do this designer yogashero bag that is highly functional and fashionable.” Shocked that there were no upscale long lasting yoga organizer bags, Dena designed her own sleek yogashero bag line. She followed that passion and worked tirelessly with a select CAD designer, made edits to the design and endured late nights. The patented Yogashero was born!

Dena developed a NEW vegan, stylish, patented yogashero organizer bag that holds your 1) mat, 2) water bottle to keep you hydrated, 3) wallet, 4) phone and built-in clip and your 5) keys with extra top pockets for clothes, papers, etc. We like to call them… THE BIG 5 ESSENTIALS. The easy access 2-way single zipper opens to the shape of a heart. The yoga organizer is 32” long and big enough to hold the Manduka Mat. You can’t find it anywhere except here online.

With more than 20 million practitioners and 90% of those practitioners carrying more than two or more items to class, many yoga students including the inventor would benefit from this new lifestyle yogashero organizer.


As soon as you get this blog, get a Yogashero organizer like ours which I highly recommend in cold climates like the Northern, and Midwestern states and all rainy states. You really do not want to have a soggy mat going to yoga or pilates class. It’s just no fun trying to clean it before class or trying to practice on a damp mat. Protect your yoga mat with a yogashero bag that fully covers all of your belongings plus the mat itself. Everything is protected. 

There are many benefits to having this kind of yoga bag. Once you get your new yogashero bag, make way for just the essential yoga items. Go to your personal everyday handbag and grab any belongings that you really need. Get your keys, wallet and phone from the handbag and gently place them into your yoga bag. Add your mat and water bottle to your yoga bag. Acknowledge all the other items in your purse and let it go. Pack everything you need and travel to your yoga fitness class. Now, you are ready for yoga and maybe back to work meetings if you need to do so. It gives you more versatility. 


Figure out what matters most to you. If it is peace, then let go of whatever you don’t need before your fitness routine. Get your water bottle to stay hydrated, your keys for the car, your wallet for incidentals, your mat and phone. Set your intention on being more mindful before class by arriving early, giving a smile to the receptionist or teacher, closing your eyes and stating your intention. Then, load your belongings into the cubby or locker. Bring your mat and water bottle with you to your class. Rest into child’s pose and patiently wait to begin class. Exhale!


Once you go through this exercise, you’ll feel so much more at peace throughout your day, knowing where your things are. So, I encourage you to remove clutter on a weekly basis, centrally consolidate your items in your yogashero bag and take just 5 to 7 items with you to class. Wash your yoga towel daily or weekly. Get rid of old, grumpled paper receipts. Clean the face of your phone and your mat with vinegar and water or hand sanitizer. Just get cleaned up and organized for every aspect of life including your yoga practice. Always aim at organizing your day and everything will be well.

“Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then, take the plunge and discard all the rest. By doing this, you can reset your life and embark on a whole new lifestyle.” – Marie Kondo

By: Dena Dodd, Founder of 

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