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How to Begin to Glow From The Inside Out

Are you currently glowing like you were in your 20s or when you were pregnant? Well, you can get that healthy glow again and again. Glowing skin starts from the inside out. I’m almost 50 years old. I’ve tested a lot food and beauty products over the years. I’m here to share my own wisdom and observations. To support radiant skin, I drink lots of water and eat majority of my meals from whole foods. I’m not perfect because I do buy salads or chicken sandwich when I am out with the kids running errands. But, I also incorporate a source of Omega-3 in my meals with almonds, cod liver oil, chia seeds and occasionally Orenda nutritional shakes. I notice that I have more of a glow when I do these things. Smoothies are also an easy, simple way to pack in fruits and veggies and get lots of fiber to keep you feeling full. Try the pre-frozen organic varieties from Costco, Target, Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. Then, add a non-dairy base like coconut milk, almond milk or filtered water and then ice. Add ginger, tumeric, nut butter, avocado depending on your sassy vs. saucy mood. Go for it and get your drink on! BTW, you can order the Orenda nutritional shakes by calling 1-866-673-1333 Health Coach ID 93887. Change in this case begin with you. Just message me if you have more questions at Happy to help!

How to Begin to Glow From The Outside In

We know that our skin is our largest organ. Especially during the fall and winter months, we want to exfoliate and also moisturize in healthy, safer ways. We know the beauty regulatory laws have not been changed since 1938. Beautycounter is the only beauty company that I am aware of that conducts its own recalls and tests of product toxins and/or contamination post-packaging. Many people do not know that companies are not required to disclose if sub-suppliers are shipping supply ingredients with pre-existing preservatives. Another point worth noting is that the word ‘fragrance’ in the beauty industry is a nebulous word that means anything can be in that synthetic bottle. So, here are my five favorite items from Beautycounter that safely cleans and detoxifies from the outside in.

  1. Let’s start by cleaning the skin. For a good organic body scrub, use the detoxifying sweet lemony Sugar Body Scrub. Click Here.
  2. For a body wash that packs a punch, use this coconut oil-based Body Wash that has a hint of citrus aroma. Click Here.
  3. Let’s keep our glowing skin all day long. For heightened body moisture, use the creamy, luxe supple texture of the Body Butter. Click Here.
  4. For an extra moisture defense against dry, ashy skin, try mixing the body butter with the Lustro Body Oil for cold, blistering winter months in the windy city of Chicago. To shop for the Lustro Body Oil, Click Here.
  5. To even out imperfections, match your skin’s color from the award-winning Tint Skin foundation collection, from fair to mocha tint shades. We’ve got you covered detoxeliciously. Click Here.

Why should you shop for safer beauty products, even desert-inspired ones?


Desert Inspired Better Beauty

These grey skies are giving us a serious case of spring fever. What better way to treat it than with desert-inspired hues for eyes, cheeks, and lips? Warm up your look with our newly-released Limited Edition Desert Sunrise Palette, including two never-before-seen eyeshadows. We’re absolutely swooning over how this collection of shadows and blushes brings desert colors to life. Plus, we’re introducing two totally new Lip Glosses, Coralbell and Beeblossom, to add bright contrast and complete the spring vibe.

The desert-inspired collection is special for all of us at Beautycounter. I’m consistently inspired by its transquil openess, resilient beauty and glowing light. With each color, the collection expresses how the whole desert awakens with each sun burst on an early morning sunrise and how each new day is filled with infinite possibilities. Each of its silky smooth powders consists of 3 shades of blush and 6 eyeshadows ranging from luminescent neutrals to deep burgundy. Beautycounter meticulously paired complimentary colors to create endless day-to-night looks that flatter every skin tone. Some of the shades have a shimmer sheen like the desert at dawn. So, have at it with glowing style and shop today here.

All of this is developed so you can shop for beautiful shades that are safe for your body. Why is this important? Unfortunately, the beauty industry has not been regulated since 1938. So, after thoughtful research from the spunky female CEO, Gregg Renfrew, Beautycounter took on the fight for safer beauty laws that reduces toxic exposure for you and your family. The company believes in beauty safety education first and products, second. As you can see from the model above, you don’t have to compromise beautiful products for safety. 

Here are my top 3 reasons why you should shop at @Beautycounter:

  1. Every ingredient is selected, tested and combined to ensure a safer beauty result for you and me. No other company does this ingredient selection process in this way.
  2. Beautycounter does its own recalls. If we find any trace amount of an ingredient on our never list, we issue a company-wide recall. Not many, if any of the beauty companies, do this.
  3. We’ve banned over 1400 known toxins from EVER being added to our beauty products so you can relax when you shop with us and know you are getting better beauty products and the truth based on the latest beauty research.



Director, Beautycounter

What medical spa services are gaining in popularity?

"top-medical-spa-services-popular"Are you aging gracefully but concerned about a few new wrinkles or new hairs that keep popping up every year in unexpected places? Or, wondering what’s new in the medical world for a younger looking face? Shown above is the photo of Ms. Kardashian taken from SOLUX Med Spa social media gallery. None of us are trying to keep up with the Kardashians necessarily, but I admit with time, our bodies do experience changes and you want to know what is out there in the marketplace to combat little problem areas.

Aging, muscle movement and exposure to the environment are all unavoidable factors that contribute to the breakdown of collagen in the face, make skin more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. Luckily, there are a variety of treatments available to combat these elements and return your skin to a more youthful looking state.

Here are the three most popular, highly sought-after services rendered at SOLUX Med Spa in downtown Chicago. This medical spa offers a wide array of dermal services but I wanted to know more about the popular ones. Of their top three services, I picked the laser hair removal serivice. I finally decided to use my free medical spa service at SOLUX MED Spa in downtown Chicago. I opted for the laser hair removal service for my under armpit area. The procedure was easy for the most part but the initial shock from the laser mouse-like device was startling and prickling at first touch and miraculously became easier as the laser continued to float under my armpits. Overall, the laser removal procedure was quick and easy!!!


  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Green Facial Peel
  • Full Facial Design

LASER HAIR REMOVAL: The SOLUX Spa uses the Palomar Medical patented technologies to provide its laser hair removal. The equipment uses a specific wave length, large spot size, superior contact cooling and smooth pulse technology for clients of all skin types, hair colors and textures. Its purpose is to permanently reduce hair grow with regular treatments to get rid of stubborn ingrown or unwanted hairs. For all skin types, this ideal for underarms, arms, legs, back, chest, bikini area and even for balding man’s head.

Laser hair removal is a treatment that use lasers to treat the roots of the hair underneath the skin’s surface. Though it’s not guaranteed to be permanent, most people do experience permanent results with a series of treatments.  Some cannot handle the pain on sensitive parts of the body so go with caution and ask a lot of questions first. For more reviews, go to

GREEN FACIAL PEEL: Created by Dr. Schrammek of Germany, the Green Peel is a natural, cactus complex green peel that has been used for 60 years. It treats a wide range of skin problems such as large pores, sebum cysts, scars, skin prone to wrinkles, slightly sagging face contours, sun damaged skin, hyper pigmentation and stretch marks. Sounds so cool and safe…that I want to try this one facial service on my next visit this fall.

FULL FACE DESIGN: The full face design is the new version of a facelift using a variety of techniques and facial fillers. The most common combination is usually BOTOX and Liquid Facelift using dermal fillers. BOTOX is the most common non surgical treatment of wrinkles for the forehead and crow feet adjacent to the eye areas. Liquid facelift includes injections of filler materials into areas of the face giving all the benefits of a facelift without the cost and recovery time.

These dermal fillers are designed to address diminishing collagen, elastin and hyualoronic acid. All are components of our skin that give it fullness. Fillers are commonly used on the face and hands and can plump lips, fill hollow cheeks and diminish the appearance of scars, elevate the deep creases and erase fine lines and lift brow or down turned mouth. Most common fillers are Juvederm, Restylane and Volume. The spa owner says the biggest side effect is the light bruising. No one can predict if you will bruise or not.

I honestly don’t think I’ll every became a medical spa junkie but I love having more real, helpful information for my friends should they decide to go this route. Anything that is safe and makes you feel better about yourself is A-Ok in my humble opinion. Hope you find this information helpful to you and your family.

Peace and Much Love,


What are the best beauty trends for busy moms?


Best Beauty Trends for Busy Moms

Best Beauty Trends for Busy Moms

Feel like your eyes are puffier in the morning? Or, wonder what the current trends are in beauty? Well, you’ve come to right place. The days of piling on loads of foundational powder onto your face are over… out with the powder… in with the new dewy, luminous faces for both young and mature women.

I interviewed Marcus Geeter, former beauty contributor on ABC News in Chicago for his best beauty trends for busy moms. Again, I am all about eco beauty, easy yoga and healthy living tips. So, I wanted to take some time to get a few beauty ideas confirmed, locked and loaded for all of us.

Here is the 411 on Best Beauty Trends for busy Moms:

  • Make sure to have a good foundation for your face. Choose a good BB cream. Essentially, BB cream is a combination of layering or combined product with moisturizer, primer, foundation and SPF. Mix your foundation with a good 60 SPF for a great facial look for your day.
  • Illuminate the face with bronzers or liquid bronzers onto top corners of the cheeks and temples of your face. It will give you more a sun kissed appearance day or night.
  • Moisturize your lips. Many women have a dry powered lip as they mature. Cut that out. Go for the adding lip gloss on a daily basis. The days of matte lip are gone for now.

For more tips on eco-friendly products without harmful chemicals that you can use to support this beauty expert’s opinion. Go to beauty Join our Facebook Page  to see this particular video and for more yoga guides, beauty and health living tips.

Peace and Much Love,




Known primarily for its crystal blue waters eagerly viewed by couples only and spring break party goers alike, premier hotels in Cancun, Mexico now offer fish spas. The hotel, Grand Oasis SENS restaurant offers an unexpected twist on its services from the 🔘 blinded 😎 Blackhole restaurant experience where you cannot 👀 see your food to the magical Fish Spa Massage for your feet with REAL exotic fish from Turkey. Yes, the new fish spa trend has long taken a swim to the wellness side.  🐠 

The benefits of experiencing a Fish Spa are surprisingly more effective than we think. Each fish spa treatments works to:

🐠 Exfoliate softly to remove dead cells.

🐠 Regenerates new skin cells.

🐠 Promotes blood circulation and facilitates healthier skin.

🐠  Create new layers of skin that is more shiny and smooth.

🐠 Rejuvenate skin through biology of the enzyme called dithranol.

Moreover, the fish aptly named the Dr. Fish or Garra Rufa,are even famous for its absorption of psoriasis, corns and bunions and even help with the disappearance of scar tissue. The fish produces a natural outcome of the enzyme, dithranol. Dithranol is an enzyme that is a natural protein used in tiny quantities by many living organisms. Enzymes are essential to life because they speed up metabolic reactions to very great extent, but do not undergo and change in themselves.

The major take-away is that it is essential that you first clean your feet and walk with clean slippers as to not contaminate the filtered water container when you begin the fish spa. The actual ticklish fish spa feels more like a micro massage as each fish likes to create a suction onto a tiny surface of your foot. Feels weird at first but when you realize, the little ones are not hurting you, you tend to relax as the time goes on and before you know it your spa time is up and the spa treatment is complete.

So, the next time you see Dr. Fish at the spa, you may want to let your feet take a healthy smooth low dive with the magical, beautifying fish!



Chantecaille Oil-Free Foundation Review

FullSizeRender copy

Chantecaille is a brand most noted for its extraordinary alliance of nature and science. As a runner and yoga teacher, I usually don’t wear a lot of make up but do have special occasions when smoothing out the skin tones works especially well for certain events. Chantecaille (pronounced Cahn-ta-ki …long i) offered me a free spa facial so I gladly accepted and scheduled the appointment. Once I arrived after running Mom errands and cleaning off a ketchup stain from my jeans, I swiftly glided on over to a decadent Chantecaille counter at the Neiman Marcus ready to be pampered.

The esthetician introduced herself to me. We walked over to a private room decorated with hot pink rose petals. (How romantic I thought but, then reminded myself this is facial, not a romantic stay with my hubby but the roses are part of the formulation :D.) Anyway, the most notable skin care products in order of application include their Rice & Geranium cleanser, Rose water as a toner, Bamboo exfoliance, Detox Clay Mask, real Gold Eye Serum (they actually use real gold as part of the formulation) and Stress Repair for the eyes and then, top off with Harmonizing Cream.

Now, the good stuff for a bit of facial transformation! The skin care lady transferred me to make up counter to meet the make up artist. The makeup artist from Boston prepped my skin with Primer then matched my skin to awesome Oil-Free gel foundation in Banana. I have more yellow undertones than red tones. Try SunTan if you need more red under tones. Both SunTan and Banana are for darker skin tones.

Here is what I love about the foundation. The high performance foundation feels light, airy and effortless. I strongly encourage this one for those who prefer oil-free light-weight foundation for the face. Produced in Japan.

An oil-free gel foundation that has the unique ability to transfer water into the skin without the use of any oil. The formula provides adjustable coverage (medium to full) thanks to light-reflective circular pigment that eases the appearance of flaws.
• Innovative oil-free gel foundation with refreshing, lightweight texture
• Light-reflective circular pigment provides adjustable coverage
• Contains 60% charged water and seaweed
• Protective field prevents water evaporation, blocks environmental oxidation
• Aloe, Chamomile and Arnica work to calm irritation and soothe sensitive skin
• Natto gum, a soybean-derived phyto-collagen is a natural emulsifier used in this process. Clinical evidence shows that after consistent 7-day usage, there is a 26% reduction in sebum production
• Rosemary, Green Tea and Rice Bran boost the immune system and help prevent oxidation

Honesty, I am not sure why people give me free stuff. I just try to give good vibes with a sense of humor and be a good listener. Hope you enjoyed this week’s blog about the upscale beauty brand, Chantecaille.
Dena Dodd Perry
Founder of Yogashero

Love this nail polish but is it really safe?


LOVE THIS NEW Nail Polish but is it REALLY SAFE? The 911 on safer nail polish for the beauty industry. 

“Smith & Cult represents the duality we all inhabit throughout our lives and our individual expressions of beauty, which reflect who we’ve been, are and aspire to become. Each shade is inspired by and representative of the experiences depicted in the diary entries of our beauty addicted heroine who sees her world through a lens of color.

Smith & Cult was created by beauty veteran Dineh Mohajer, the voice of our beauty junkie, who revolutionized the color cosmetics industry when she launched Hard Candy. Several years and creative collaborations later, Mohajer is bringing about the next evolution of beauty with Smith & Cult.

Smith and Cult’s Nailed Lacquer consistently delivers both flawlessly smooth coverage and brilliant shine. While custom tailored to provide high performance, the exclusive 5-Free formula is formulated without Dibutyl, Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.” – Smith & Cult Website

A study at Duke University and EWG has detected evidence of a common nail polish chemical called tripheynyl phosphate, TPHP in the bodies of every woman who volunteered to paint her nails for the study. The chemical is suspected to have endocrine disrupting chemical capability, meaning it interferes with normal hormone functions. Please google for more details from the nail polish study at Duke University. Well, there is a disconnect her. Smith & Cult is 5-Free but NOT necessarily free of TPHP though. As customers, we have to filter through so many chemicals to get at the essence of the problem of toxins in our beauty products.

So while I am thrilled with the nail lacquer quality and rich texture of Smith & Cult, I was disappointed with the lack of transparency on their website. I tried to dig deeper to find the ingredient list and I could not find it ANYWHERE! Well….ce la vie…it’s better than most nail brands but disappointed that I could not find out whether or not the product is made with TPHP. Unfortunately, our cosmetic laws in America do not require beauty companies to disclose what’s in their products. Personally, I’m calling their beauty headquarters tomorrow to get the answer. Stay tuned!

non toxic beauty products

What do you think of my safe beauty Make-Up?

💄💄💄👛👛👛❤️❤️❤️ What do you think of my safe beauty Make-Up? Our skin is important since it’s the largest organ on our bodies. Finding the perfect match for our skin is so personal, its like finally finding your soul mate. 😘 😆😆 Just wanted to share what I found to work best for skin like mine’s! I have combination dry and oil skin.


I recently heard about BeautyCounter from Katherine Styne Type, one of the founding members. I decided to test out her beauty products touting better beauty safety this week. After all, the BeautyCounter products are supposed to be so much safer than my Dove soap, MAC, Laura Mercier and Bobby Brown (level 6-9 on unsafe ingredients list according EWG) I just LOVE the results of the BeautyCounter’s TINT SKIN, Hydrate body cleanser and Hydrate lotion. Amazingly soft!!!


I’ve been passionate about environmental science since age 12 as all of my science fair projects were related to chemical safety. And that was over 35 years ago. I did some scientific research and knew that green-conscious Beautycounter’s Christy Coleman created this fab beauty line. Coleman uses the better products on the faces of Heidi Klum, Gwyneth Paltrow and other celebrities but I was thinking, “that’s nice …I’m not Heidi Klum!” To my surprise, I am very happy with this non-toxic safer beauty product line. It’s the first full safety beauty care line including essentials like cleansers, lotions, Countertime’s anti-aging, tinted moisturizers, lipstick and even stuff for your KIDS!!!


  1. First wash your face with Countertime Soothing Face Wash. Rinse and dry off.
  2. Apply Radiance Firming complex. Radiance Firming Complex is like a serum but richer and creamier. It hydrates skin while working overtime to combat the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration. Hydrolyzed algin, chorella vulgaris and algae marine extracts supply hydration wile mixed fruit acid complex and boerhavia diffusa root extract work to brighten the skin. Ginger root extract fight redness and irritation.
  3. Use Uplifting Day Cream. Uplifting Day Cream promotes firmer looking skin reduces redness and boost skin’s defenses against environmental stress.
  4. Hold Rosewater Uplifting Spray six inches from face. Spritz skin generously. Organic rose essence and purified water combine to nourish skin and create a dewy glow, leaving skin instantly refreshed.  Perfect for midday pick me up.
  5. Use the LUSTRO Face Oil #3 to set your makeup. Apply one drop onto entire face avoiding the eyes.  Ylang ylang oil provides a creamy, delicate aroma — plus it promotes more balanced looking skin. Concentrated yet lightweight, this elixir is easily absorbed, sinking into the skin for lasting moisture.
  6. Apply TINT SKIN of your choice. In my case, use Tan around the eye then use Chestnut everywhere else. Adding lighter tan along the midline center of the nose. (Ironically, the name Chestnut is a family surname so I knew this was love at first sight.)
  7. VOILA! Powder the face with nice brush. DONE!


Lip Sheers: Twig, Rose.


Hair: #halfnotbun #betterbeauty #saferbeauty
Share with friends and family if you are open to not compromising safety for beauty?