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How to Begin to Glow From The Inside Out

Are you currently glowing like you were in your 20s or when you were pregnant? Well, you can get that healthy glow again and again. Glowing skin starts from the inside out. I’m almost 50 years old. I’ve tested a lot food and beauty products over the years. I’m here to share my own wisdom and observations. To support radiant skin, I drink lots of water and eat majority of my meals from whole foods. I’m not perfect because I do buy salads or chicken sandwich when I am out with the kids running errands. But, I also incorporate a source of Omega-3 in my meals with almonds, cod liver oil, chia seeds and occasionally Orenda nutritional shakes. I notice that I have more of a glow when I do these things. Smoothies are also an easy, simple way to pack in fruits and veggies and get lots of fiber to keep you feeling full. Try the pre-frozen organic varieties from Costco, Target, Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. Then, add a non-dairy base like coconut milk, almond milk or filtered water and then ice. Add ginger, tumeric, nut butter, avocado depending on your sassy vs. saucy mood. Go for it and get your drink on! BTW, you can order the Orenda nutritional shakes by calling 1-866-673-1333 Health Coach ID 93887. Change in this case begin with you. Just message me if you have more questions at dena@yogashero.com Happy to help!

How to Begin to Glow From The Outside In

We know that our skin is our largest organ. Especially during the fall and winter months, we want to exfoliate and also moisturize in healthy, safer ways. We know the beauty regulatory laws have not been changed since 1938. Beautycounter is the only beauty company that I am aware of that conducts its own recalls and tests of product toxins and/or contamination post-packaging. Many people do not know that companies are not required to disclose if sub-suppliers are shipping supply ingredients with pre-existing preservatives. Another point worth noting is that the word ‘fragrance’ in the beauty industry is a nebulous word that means anything can be in that synthetic bottle. So, here are my five favorite items from Beautycounter that safely cleans and detoxifies from the outside in.

  1. Let’s start by cleaning the skin. For a good organic body scrub, use the detoxifying sweet lemony Sugar Body Scrub. Click Here.
  2. For a body wash that packs a punch, use this coconut oil-based Body Wash that has a hint of citrus aroma. Click Here.
  3. Let’s keep our glowing skin all day long. For heightened body moisture, use the creamy, luxe supple texture of the Body Butter. Click Here.
  4. For an extra moisture defense against dry, ashy skin, try mixing the body butter with the Lustro Body Oil for cold, blistering winter months in the windy city of Chicago. To shop for the Lustro Body Oil, Click Here.
  5. To even out imperfections, match your skin’s color from the award-winning Tint Skin foundation collection, from fair to mocha tint shades. We’ve got you covered detoxeliciously. Click Here.

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