America's 1st Yogashero Mat Bag
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Tired of leaving your purse locked in car or using those lame paper cone shaped cups for small swig of water at the yoga studio? Have you every looked at all the things you carry to yoga? Silence! About 9 out of 10 yoga enthusiasts carry 2 or more items to yoga class. Product engineer, former beauty executive and now yoga teacher, Lake Forest’s Dena Perry has created the Yogashero 1st Bliss Bucket Carryall. It’s a designer organizing yoga bag crafted from vegan suede and detailed with exquisite Italian hardware. It is a problem solver that takes your clutter into consideration long after your yoga practice. This mindful yoga carryall consolidates all your yoga essentials into one unit making your life style more organized, peaceful and secure.

We know now the yoga industry is more than a $27 billion industry with a 7.5% growth rate. There are about 20 million practitioners. Of which, 83% of them are women. As more yogis are getting on board to the mat practice, many have more organizing needs. A fashion handbag blogger has described the Yogashero carryall as “Louis Vuitton meets the Manduka mat”. The Yogashero carryall will have fitness divas everywhere looking both fabulous and organized as this carryall easily stores five of your top yoga travel and class must-haves:
1) mat, 2) water bottle, 3) wallet, 4) keys and 5) smart phone.

This first of its kind, high performance vegan suede bucket yoga carryall is designed with intention to offer effortlessly, sophisticated organization of your yoga essentials.
Each mindful, animal-friendly Yogashero bag contains:

  • Single 2-way zipper for mat easy access
  • Water bottle pocket to stay hydrated
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Interior zip pocket for smartphone
  • Wallet pocket
  • Built-in clip for keys
  • High performance Vegan Suede
  • Italian imported gold hardware
  • 31 inches high

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